Watch Kantun vs Soto LIVE Stream Boxing

Watch Kantun vs Soto LIVE Stream Boxing

Everybody's eyes are trained on the MGM Grand Arena for the much-anticipated boxing event! But of course, we can't deny that there are other boxers who are now engaged with other boxers and this one's in Yucatan, Mexico. You are free to watch Kantun vs Soto live stream boxing this Saturday, May 1, 2010 live at Complejo La Inalambrica, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and the bout starts now!

So, better get yourself ready! You can either watch the grand event at MGM Grand Arena or you can watch Kantun vs Soto online stream right to your own PC! Here are the other fights featured:

Jose Pinzon vs Jaime Barboza (light middleweight) Main Event &

Ramon Maas vs Oswaldo Juarez (super bantamweight)


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