Watch Suns vs LA Lakers Game 1 Live Online|Watch Suns vs Lakers Game 1 Online

I have missed Kobe Bryant for one week as he is giving his ankle and arthritic finger some good time for a good healing and get ready for the game that he and the rest of the Lakers team as well as the Lakers are anticipating and it's their best-of-seven series against the Phoenix Suns! Now, all of you Lakers and Suns fans can get to watch the game live and direct from Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA! But if you can't go to where the game will be played, you can still watch Suns vs Lakers Game 1 live via online streaming and it's going to be this Monday, May 17 at 9pm ET! It will be brought live to you via TNT TV network!

Weathermen say that the temperature is 58 degrees F but if I were to be asked, with a kind of game like this, it's going to be more than that! As a matter of fact, it's going to be hotter than hell! Along with Kobe, Steve Nash is also recuperating from an injury on the right eye. A lot of souvenirs have been given to both of these players way back even before this Western Conference finals have begun and they were ugly souvenirs!

After both teams have a good rest and a good time to recalibrate and meditate and motivate, the top-seed LA Lakers will try to reach their 3rd straight NBA finals against the Phoenix Suns!

With Kobe and Steve recuperating and with the help of Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakers squad, they might be able to do that and you, NBA fans, you can get to watch Suns vs Lakers Game 1 online stream and feel the heat of California rise up to a hundred degrees F when the game on Monday begins!


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