Why You Should Watch Cubs vs Phillies Live Online MLB Game

This coming Wednesday, May 19, there will be another exciting MLB Game that everyone is talking about and are waiting in anticipation! It's the Chicago Cubs against the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cubs will go all the way to Philadelphia and raid the Phillies' turf! This game will start at 7:05pm ET and will be shown to you live via CSN and WPHL network! If you can't make it there, make sure you watch it on your TV or you can also watch Cubs vs Phillies live online streaming!

One of Phillies' favorite player, Chase Utley, might not see action this coming Wednesday as he is still down with flu-like symptoms (hope it's not H1N1) and this is the 3rd straight game that he will miss very much as his team will host the Chicago Cubs.

But anyway, things can still be normal for Phillies if not for the better as they have Placido Polanco from third base to second and they have also put Jimmy Rollins in the No. 3 spot in lineup.

Maybe, things are going better still for the Phillies but of course, the Cubs won't let their sharp claws and fangs down. They might even have their own plan to beat the Phillies right in the middle of their territory!

This is going to be one of the best match-up this season so don't forget to watch Cubs vs Phillies live via online streaming! And that's the reason why you should!


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