Watch WSM Experience Replay Online

Watch WSM Experience Replay Online

Did you miss the World's Strongest Man experience last May 29 and 30? Don't worry. I know that you would love to watch your favorite strongmen like Zydrunas Savickas and here's your chance! Watch WSM Experience replay online on the Internet!

The event last May 29 and 30 was a sell-out! On both of these days, Zydrunas Savickas reinforced his 2009 WSM title in Excel in London, UK! There were lots of things that every WSM fan had experienced! They got to meet and greet their favorite musclemen heroes!

In the Day one of the WSM Experience, Savickas lead the pack with a total points of 35. Breakdown of the points of Savickas is as follows:

Farmers Walk-7
Dumbell Press-8
Axle Deadlift-5
Log Press-8
Atlas Stones-7

Hot on his trail was second-placer Terry Hollands of England, followed by fellow Englishman Darren sadler. They were followed by Stefan Solvi Petrusson of Iceland. Jimmy Marku of England is in the 5th place followed by 6th-placer Thomas Nowotniak of Poland, Mark Felix (USA) is on the 7th and finally, on the 8th place, USA's Kevin Nee is the last on the list.

Day Two was even more exciting and it's still Lithuania's Zydrunas Savickas who's on the lead with 37 points. He is followed by Terry Hollands, Mark Felix, Jimmy Marku, Stefan Solvi Petursson, Darren Sadler, Thomas Nowotniak and Kevin Nee.

The WSM Experience was totally an experience not to be forgotten! But as you watch WSM Experience online replay, don't forget to brace yourself for the 2010 Worlds Strongest Man event! Details for the Worlds Strongest Man 2010 schedule will be announced soon right here! All the details including the location, final dates and list of events will be updated which also includes athlete information, even timetable and accommodation details!


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