Watch Great Tibetan Marathon 2010 Online Stream

It's time once again for runners to unite and participate in another great marathon event and it's the 2010 Great Tibetan Marathon! This world-renowned big marathon event will take place at the realm of the Buddhist monks where Tibetan Buddhism continues to thrive as a living and breathing religion. That's right! We will take you to the top of the mountains of Tibet this coming July 17 for a 2-day marathon event! Everyone is invited to come and watch Great Tibetan Marathon 2010 live and direct from where the action is!

This will take place within the political boundaries of India, Ladakh, the western-most province on the Tibetan Plateau. Undoubtedly, the Great Tibetan Marathon is the greatest challenge for all marathoners out there. Even Forbes magazine considers this marathon event as one of the world's "most extreme marathons!

The event will begin on July 17 and it is called "The Breakfast Run". This is a 3-kilometer morning run to help runners prepare for the next day's big event.

On July 18, the marathon will begin at the signal of several long Buddhist horns from the Hemis Monastery courtyard. Runners will then run from an altitude of 11,800 ft. above sea level. The marathon finishes at the foot of the Spituk Monastery with a Buddhist celebration. Also at hand will be a team of masseurs to give runner some good massage after the event. The marathon day ends with a Gala Dinner in a large marquee tent on the bank of the river Indus.

Watch Great Tibetan Marathon 2010 online stream if you can't make it there are 11,800 feet!


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