Watch TourdeFrance 2010 Stage 18 Live Stream

This Friday, July 23, we are now entering the 18th Stage of 2010 TourdeFrance and this time, the race will start at Salies-de-Bearn and will finish at Bordeaux. It will be a 198-kilometer race. This will be an exciting stage since the finish in Bordeaux is expected to be a sprint! Let us take the time to watch TourdeFrance Stage 18 live stream and see who's going to win this stage.

All cyclists who have experienced TourdeFrance tournaments before will agree that this stage is often considered as the capital to the team classification and each and every team will consider this as a serious effort. One of the best teams to watch out for is The Caisse d'Epargne team. This stage is considered as "breakaway". For instance, if two riders of the same team are twenty minutes ahead of the whole pack, then, this adds up to forty minutes in the general team classification. No wonder this stage 18 is the "treasure chest" in TourdeFrance series!

So, better watch TourdeFrance 2010 Stage 18 and see who's going to be ahead from all the rest!


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