Saturday Night Boxing Presents: Adamek vs Grant Live Boxing

Saturday Night Boxing Presents: Adamek vs Grant Live Boxing

This is one of the boxing matches that everyone has been waiting for! It's Tomasz Adamek vs Michael Grant live and direct from Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, USA this coming Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 7pm ET! This boxing match is brought to you by Poland PolSat Direct PPV!

Most people will say that Tomasz Adamek is the best bet when it comes to boxing. Nicknamed "Goral" or "Highlander" in English, Tomasz Adamek (41-1-0 27 KOs) is considered as one of Poland's great heavyweight boxer and has one of the strongest chins in boxing, thus, also earning him the monicker "Granite Chin". But this coming August 21, things can be slightly different as he will be facing his largest opponents ever, Michael Grant!

Grant is remembered for fighting against Lennox Lewis for a heavyweight title match! Grant has a current standing of 46-3-0 34 KOs! We can say that the Adamek vs Grant bout is a fair bout. Both are relentless and strong and powerful!

It's going to be a big blast this coming Saturday! So, don't forget to watch Adamek vs Grant live and direct from Newark, New Jersey!


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