Shark Fights 13 Results: Prangley Dominated Jardine

Shark Fights 13 Results: Prangley Dominated Jardine

Everyone thinks that between the main event players of Shark Fights 13, Keith Jardine and Trevor Prangley, the former is flashier and meaner. That's why Jardine is called "The Dean of Mean". But when the smoke has cleared after their fight, it was Trevor Prangley who dominated everything including "The Dean Of Mean". He may not be the flashiest but when he's inside that arena, he really gave his all and he is certainly effective!

Prangley, being confronted by the awkward style of Jardine, stayed glued his feet to the ground, figuratively, and effectively attacked and counter-attacked everything that The Dean of Mean gave to him. But when the split-decision result was announced, with the almost-obvious nods from the fans, Prangley was declared the victor.

If you have not seen the actual match, you can watch Shark Fights 13 replay and see how Prangley outlasted Jardine! It was really a match that was so intense and exciting that if you've missed it, you almost lost more than half of your life! So, what are you waiting for? An armbar from Prangley?


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