Strikeforce Diaz vs Noons II: The Rematch

Watch Strikeforce Diaz vs Noons II Live Stream

The organizers of the MMA event are at it again and this time, this MMA event that will take place on Oct. 9, a Saturday, 7pm ET, was 3 years in the making! Remember Nick Diaz and K.J. Noons? They rearranged their faces way back in November 2007! Now, they're going to rearrange their faces some more at Strikeforce! Watch Strikeforce Diaz vs Noons II live stream direct from HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA!

This re-match between Diaz and Noons is for the welterweight title. The former will defend the title and the latter will do anything to get it from Diaz! This is their chance to rekindle their rivalry and this is also the chance for us to watch Strikeforce Diaz vs Noons II live stream! They have met in the now defunct EliteXC organization! Now, their rivalry extends to Strikeforce!


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