Watch Vikings vs NY Jets Live Stream Online

Watch Vikings vs NY Jets Live Stream Online

When you are on the verge of losing, what you do is to get to your bunker, back to your old drawing board, then, size up everything and hope that when you go back to your battlefield, you are more than ready, more than what everybody is expecting of you. This is what the Minnesota Vikings have in mind. Most teams hibernate momentarily hoping to improve before resuming the NFL fight, so to speak. But when you watch Vikings vs NY Jets live stream tonight at 8:30pm ET (Oct. 11), they will be returning with a significant improvement at wide receiver, specifically.

The Vikings will go against the NY Jets at the New Meadowlands Stadium and I'm pretty sure many would watch Viking vs NY Jets live and against each other!

Minnesota has just acquired Moss from New England on Wednesday and are very confident that with Moss at the helm, things can be alright for the Vikings. Also in intense action, again, is Sidney Rice, after recovering from hip surgery, Bernard Berrian and Adrian Peterson. So, this Monday night, don't forget to watch Vikings vs NY Jets live stream and see if the Vikings are improving or the NY Jets have something up their sleeves that might surprise their adversary.


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